Established in 1989, D&C has become Singapore’s second biggest shoes and bags retailer with 21 stores island wide as of 2017.

D&C’s main motto is to provide not only trendy and stylish footwear for all age groups but also ensure utmost comfort and durability for all of its products. D&C’s motto is predicated on its STEPS principle to its customers. D&C’s design and comfort assurance is attained through vigorous and stringent quality examination and construction by D&C’s founder and top corporate management.

February 2017: D&C set up its first franchise outlet outside of Singapore in Yangon Myanmar.

March 2017: Launching of new marketing initiatives and image overhaul

June 2017: D&C was the official shoes and bags sponsor for the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 and crowned a “Miss D&C Beautiful” in August 2017 to be the official face of D&C for the next 1 year.

August 2017: D&C officially launches its new e-commerce website.


D&C’s main motto is to provide footwear and bags that administers STEPS to all customers.

STEPS, in which D&C’s company motto is predicated upon, stands for: Sustainability, Trendy, Economical, Prestige and Support.

Sustainability: To ensure that all of our products are durable and can be sustained over a long period of time even if a decent amount of usage.

Trendy: D&C believes that no matter how functional its products are or/and intended to be, style must never be compromised and trendiness must never be overlooked. Our inventory is consistently being updated throughout the year to reflect popular market trends pertaining to style and fashion.

Economical: D&C deems the affordability of its shoes as one of the key driving forces of its success today. D&C is therefore committed to perpetuate the affordability of its shoes for even its highest quality and most premium products.

Prestige: With the rich history of D&C compounded by the quality and affordability of its products, D&C aims to inculcate a sense of prestige and opulence when our products are purchased.

Support: Whilst physical comfortability and support from D&C’s footwear is an essential aspect of our motto, D&C also believes that customer support and care is equally imperative to our success. We are extremely committed to providing this care and support through our customer support team and amicable sales representatives in our outlets.

At D&C, we ensure that our commitment to our motto is fulfilled and our objectives are attained by vigorous and stringent quality examination and construction by D&C’s founder Chan Boon Kai and top corporate management. The composites of D&C’s products are carefully perused and sourced from all over Asia to ensure that the end product commensurate with our STEPS motto.